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Hear Me Roar! A4 Print



I don’t actually have much regret in life, but I definitely regret not speaking up when I witnessed verbal sexual harassment at work back then. It was all always smiled at, hihihi and hahaha.
But actually, some men – one in particular – have used these situations to demonstrate their supposed power.
As a rule, these are also mostly people who are not at peace with themselves and place themselves above others with such behavior in order to distract from their own shortcomings.

I’ve vowed not to keep my mouth shut anymore, but to be the “humorless killjoy” that one has to be. So: HEAR ME ROAR!!!

This illustration is meant to remind me and you to be loud and not let such toxic and manipulative behavior get away with such people.

Hang this print in the hallway where they are clearly visible or give them to a loved one as a gift.

As always, larger prints are also possible, also on canvas, acrylic, etc. For this, please write an email using the contact form and I will make you an offer


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